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Supply Planning Software

Get a Cutting-Edge Supply Planning
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Avercast’s supply chain planning software offers top notch solution for warehouse inventory management that eliminates excess products and allows managers to accurately replenish daily, weekly, or monthly time periods.

What Is
Supply Planning?

A business cannot operate efficiently without inventory. Supply planning helps you identify the optimal quantity of product you need to fulfill customers’ demands at any point. Accurate inventory planning directly impacts a company’s cash flow and profitability and is crucial to set up a balance between customer demand and your supply capacity.

What Is Supply Planning

Supply Planning Software enables you to track your orders live and know where they are in the supply chain planning. The software is a modern art backed up by various technologically enabled algorithms. These algorithms are used to resolve issues that block growth.

The software gives you a better idea of how much inventory you will need to meet consumer demand. Predictions are generated by considering historical sales data, economic shifts, promotional events, seasonality, and consumer trends. Inventory forecasting tools enable organizations to manage, plan, and organize inventory orders faster than manual forecasting techniques.
By choosing Avercast’s software, you don’t have to face loss of sales, lower profit margins, and increased shipping charges. Our Supply planning software analyzes every aspect to identify how much stock is required to fulfill consumer demand, whether it’s holidays, events, or weather changes. In addition, using these projections, you can optimize your strategies to improve your sales.

Features & Benefits of Avercast's Supply Planning


Manage inventory effectively
Manage inventory effectively
Supervising inventory is crucial for satisfying your customers. You can’t keep your customers waiting because you failed to manage your inventory well.



Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics
Companies rely heavily on prediction based on data – not crystal ball predictions. These predictions are derived using statistical techniques and can be proven repeatedly. With decades of experience, our software has an industry-leading 280+ statistical algorithms.



Inventory optimization
Inventory optimization
The most obvious benefit of our Inventory Planning Software is that it assists you in optimizing your inventory. It enables you to reduce stockout situations by better analyzing and supervising the inventory. It allows you to forecast inventory so that you respond to demand faster. And most important of all, it helps you
reduce inventory waste.



Improved capacity management
Improved capacity management
Once you get the demand forecast through demand planning software, you know how much you need to produce and for how long you need to maintain inventory. The forecasted numbers allow you to derive how many resources you need to complete production and manage inventory. You can rotate shifts, hire novel resources, or use someone more efficiently.


Why Do Clients Choose Avercast?

Our Supply Planning software allows you to manage your inventory, track product flow in real time, forecast future inventory, overcome risk, and identify opportunities for a stronger EBITDA. In our decades-long experience, we have assisted businesses across the globe ranging in size from mid-market to brands with more than 9000 SKUs.
With our help, they were able to:

Which Industries Use Supply Planning?

Every company that sells something, whether products or services, has inventory, and it becomes vital to plan, analyze, and manage your inventory efficiently. 
The inventory planning process enables you to supervise, forecast, and get ready to sell more. The process starts with predictions and ends after the product has reached its ultimate consumer. Every aspect of the process is essential.

Avercast’s Supply Planning Software is agile, accurate, easy to implement, and integrates with any data warehouse and systems. Our software has helped various brands across sectors like:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of streamlining your inventory with the sales and production capacity so that you never witness any lost sales due to stock-out is known as Inventory Planning. The process helps managers to determine the optimal quantity and correct time of the inventory.
Inventory Planning Software is vital because it allows you to avoid stock-out or over-stock scenarios, saving you from incurring unnecessary expenses. The software will enable you to determine when to procure inventory and how much. Also, it maximizes your revenue and reduces your costs.
Over the years, there have been several ways of predicting inventory. Some companies still rely on outdated practices like predicting based on what customers say or just based on sales experts or using Excel. In modern technological days, Inventory Planning Software is the most accurate and reliable way of planning your inventory.
Inventory forecast means predicting the quantity in which you will need products or raw materials to manufacture. This forecasting lets you monitor your performance, manage inventory accurately, keep optimal stocks, and manage capacity according to needs.
If you have a business, whether small or large, that deals with any inventory, then the answer is yes. Inventory forecasting software assists you in planning inventory accurately. It determines the right time to deliver the products. To know more about how the software will benefit your business, schedule a demo with our experts.

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