Demand Planning
Demand Planning

End-to-end Supply Chain Planning
& Business Intelligence Solutions

We are a technology company offering supply chain planning and
parcel spend management solutions to businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. And because each client has specific needs and requirements, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Our supply chain planning solutions are tailor-made to your needs.

Solutions for industries spanning the supply chain and the globe:

Supply Chain Planning and profitability technology solutions that provide
automation and visibility to improve profit and enable growth.

What value does Avercast brings to your business?

Improves Productivity

Improves productivity 

Avercast’s supply chain planning solutions automates demand planning and forecasting, which reduces manual intervention, reduces lead time, and enhances productivity.

Meticulous Forecasting

Meticulous forecasting

With more than 280 algorithms, our Demand Forecasting Software allows you to forecast precisely. The algorithms also help you comprehend your inventory effectively.
Integrates Easily

Integrates easily

One of the critical benefits of the software is that it combines with all major ERPs effortlessly, making it easier for you to operate and get results.

What-If Analysis

What-If analysis

Customer demands depend primarily on external factors. It is crucial to plan for all possible scenarios. Our intelligent software simulates the situation and helps you prepare for it.
Explore Potential Opportunities

Potential opportunities

The supply chain planning solutions assists you in identifying untapped customer groups, magnifying the possibility of acquiring new consumers and thus increasing your market presence.
Provide Customized Solutions

Customized solutions

We are always committed to providing you with world-class service and devising software to meet your needs.

Our pioneering software integrates with all ERPs

ERP Systems integration

Accurate, Robust, Easy-to-use

Pitfalls To Avoid
The Avercast Advantage
Inaccurate forecasts based on sets of complicated formulas and incomprehensible data.
checknew Up to 99% accurate forecasting backed up by a set of proven algorithms
No guarantee of data privacy. Everyone can access the data
checknew Specific permissions to disallow data accessibility for everyone
An eyebrow raising certainty of data security and no revenue enhancement
checknew Effortless data security and better product availability ensure 5% revenue enhancement
High turnaround times, the looming threat of losing potential sales
checknew With 280+ forecasting algorithms, turnaround times is in minutes
A potentially vulnerable situation due to no backup of data
checknew Automatic data backup makes abrupt closure harmless
The tedious task of manually inputting data into the sheets
checknew Automatically fetches data from ERPs and predicts for up to 60 months in future
Integrates only with one data source
checknew Integrates fully with different data warehouses and ERPs
With the change to the windows version, issues begin to rise
checknew Quickly and automatically integrates with new windows versions
Only people with skills and higher knowledge can work efficiently
checknew No unique skills are required, and it is easy to operate
and user-friendly

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