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Customized supply chain software

Get the software, consulting, customizations and support you need.
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Inventory Forecasting

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    200+ Forecasting Algorithms
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    Always up to date - ERP Integration
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    Batch Analysis - Manage outliers
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    Maintain multi-forecasts (Sales, Customer…)
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    Free up thousands of hours of forecasting
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    Direct output to excel

Multiple Forecasts

Slice & Dice Data



Supply Planning

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    Plan in/replenish daily, weekly or monthly
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    Always up to date - ERP Integration
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    Daily Alerts - Not received, below safety stock…
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    “What if” analysis
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    Reduce Inventory & Maintain Safety Stock
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    Hierarchy anyway you want it rolled up (Customer, Region, DC)

Sales & Operations Planning

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Sales Collaboration

Vendor Collaboration

Retail Analysis

Additional modules

Features Inspired By You

With over 10 years of experience our team can integrate with any system, make almost any customization and extend the value of your internal systems.

ERP & BI Tool Agnostic

We are tool agnostic and work with all the major ERP’s and BI tool version.
We upgrade your connection for free should you upgrade your version or switch ERP’s.