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Business Intelligence

Pinpoint Opportunities and
Risks by Eliminating Data Silos.

Realize faster ROIs and measurable EBITDA gains. Just three to five clicks for the data you need. Quickly. Accurately. And it can typically be developed and deployed over a ninety-day period.

Realize Up to 10%
Margin Improvement

Our team of Business Intelligence Analysts and Account Specialists work with you to identify, recommend, design, develop, implement, and support cost-effective solutions for external and internal development projects. We design the Business Intelligence solutions around you and your business needs.
If anyone tells you they have an out-of-the-box BI solution that will fit your business… run. It’s the Avercast customization that puts the power of BI to work for you.
Result Grow Topline

What Questions Give You Results?

Every morning, before you can finish a cup of coffee, our dashboards provide easy
access to the answers you need. One source of truth. With Access. Speed. Visibility.
Result: Reduce Risk

Result: Grow Topline

What were your sales yesterday? Last month? Last quarter? What were your sales last week compared to this week? Last month? Last year? What is your projected revenue? Are you going to meet it? Where will you end the quarter? The year?
Result Reduce Costs

Result: Reduce Costs

What are your inventory levels? Are they increasing? Decreasing? What is your labor productivity? Efficiency? Performance? How are your costs? According to budget? By line item?
Result: Reduce Risk

Result: Reduce Risk

Which vendors are delivering on time? Not achieving 100% fill rate? Are you in danger of stockouts? Overstock? Which customers are driving profit? Who is a collection risk? What buying patterns are you seeing?
Result Improve Margin

Result: Improve Margin

Are you making your margins? By customer? By product? What customers are outside your parameters for profit? Are the bottom 20% affecting the top 80%?

Our Technologies

Our technology modules can be employed singularly, or in combination. Each provides you, in three to five clicks, the ability to expose opportunities, risks, and threats to your company with sales business intelligence. Go from executive overviews or drill down into your sales pipeline. Review the data from any level you need – sales territory, sales rep, KPI, or revenue.
We use your data to create a complete data analytics solution, designed to have an immediate impact on your business. By harnessing the power of the Microsoft BI suite and the market expertise of our people, we deliver practical, value-driven solutions across the supply chain network.
Sales & Orders

Sales & Orders

Pipeline & Backlog


Efficiency & Productivity
Theory of Constraints
Scrap Analysis


Finance Reporting
Accounts Receivable
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Supply Chain

Supply Chain


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