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Avercast Supply Chain Solutions

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The Premier Solution For Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning

Avercast Supply Chain Solutions (ASCS) is the world's premier supply chain software package. With over 40 years of development and refinement, ASCS helps you to forecast and plan more effectively than ever before. Quickly forecast for the next day, week, month, or even the next five years. ASCS allows you to plan inventory more efficiently, according to the forecasted demand, and then effectively work through your sales and operations planning. Easily sort through forecasts by SKU or any aggregate level. Push adjustments made at the aggregate level down to individual SKUs.

 Automatically populate bill of materials and optimize ordering processes. Collect data from and push data to any ERP system seamlessly. Reporting is a breeze with Avercast's state of the art Business Intelligence reporting tool.

With ASCS, all of this is possible with one seamlessly integrated package. ASCS provides the ability to quickly view the status of your forecast with Avercast Dashboard Metrics, as well as define a list of action items to enable the end user to manage by exception.

These tools may be purchased separately or in any combination to meet your organization's specific requirements. The software within ASCS can be used with other Avercast products to help you, as the user, experience maximum benefits.

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