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Demand Planning Software

Optimize Strategies for
Right Product, Right Place, Right Time.

Our Demand management Software provides the data visibility you need to avoid stockouts and overstock situations, allowing you to operate more efficiently on lower inventory levels and boost revenue.

What Is Demand
Planning Software?

Our 280+ advanced algorithms quickly analyze demand patterns and generate more accurate results so you can understand and manage your inventory.

Demand Planning Software allows companies like yours to forecast upcoming demand for a product and plan inventory accordingly. Sometimes referred to as business forecasting software, this solution helps your company avoid unproductive stocking. 

For example, it identifies slow-moving products that take up valuable inventory space before they become problems. Our 280+ advanced algorithms uses machine learning to quickly analyze demand patterns and generate more accurate results that help you understand and manage your inventory. Using demand forecasting system for your supply chain, you can reduce inventory costs, and, in turn, deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

What is Demand
Forecasting Software?

Demand forecasting is the process of predicting consumer demand for the optimization of supply chain decisions by using historical data and relevant business information. Demand forecasting tools can help you seize upcoming opportunities, deliver appropriate products to the customers, and reduce inventory costs. 

Demand forecasting software integrates previous sales data, trends, improved forecast accuracy, and seasonal analyses to predict the future market, giving you a clear picture of your future business and enabling you to effectively plan across organizational departments, including production, operations, and marketing. Forecasting is a significant factor in understanding consumer needs and helps deliver what is expected in the market.

Features & Benefits of Avercast's Demand Planning Tools


Stronger and more accurate forecasts
Stronger and more accurate forecasts
Using our 280+ advanced forecasting algorithms, Avercast’s Demand Planning Software accurately and quickly predicts your future demand.



Customized solution tailored to your business
Tailored solutions for your needs
Every business has distinct needs that an out-of-the-box solution won’t be able to meet. With Avercast, you get demand planning software that is customized to your business.



Forecasting at any level:
Forecasting at any level
Keep track of your forecast at every level. Without demand planning software, accounting for every single variation of every product can be cumbersome. But with Avercast, you can easily view what is needed at
each level.


Who uses Demand Planning Software?

Demand planning is essential in any company – in any industry – that handles inventory. Having a better grip on your inventory can affect many different areas of your company.

Gone are the days of taking your best guess!

Quickly and accurately envision your future demand through Demand Planning.

Industry Leader in
Demand Planning Software

Our company began in the 1960s, and since then, we have been able to develop a customized solution for each of our customers.

Some of the highlights
of our growth include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demand Planning maintains a balance between your supply and demand to maximize your profitability and optimize your supply chain planning. With the help of Demand Planning Software, demand planners can forecast your demand and plan for it accurately.

Demand Planning is vital for various reasons, some of which are enhancing your productivity, negating the chances of wasting resources, and so on. With the assistance of Demand Planning Tools, you can plan effectively to avoid understocking or overstocking.

Used by numerous industries, the benefits of Demand Planning Software are immense for demand drivers. From assisting you with demand forecasting to helping you supervise and manage your inventory, from providing customized reports to enhanced decision-making. Demand management software is vital for your supply chain optimization.

Demand Forecasting is a technique to determine what will occur in the coming days, whereas Demand Planning is the process of achieving your desired results. In simpler words, Demand Planning is the broader process encapsulating Demand Forecasting. In contrast, Demand Forecasting is all about predicting the demand for products.

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