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Sales & Operations Planning Software

A Cohesive Solution to Devise a Consolidated
& Consensus-based Business Plan.
S&OP software examines past sales and analyzes how effective current operational practices
are. The software allows departmental collaboration and gives companies the right insights into
adapting and becoming better, more substantial businesses.

What Is
Sales and Operation Planning Software?

One of the most frequent reasons for businesses to lose opportunities is the misalignment between
sales and operations.

S&OP Solutions enhances your supply chain and lets you deliver the products to your customers by remaining above break-even and increasing your bottom line simultaneously.

Avercast’s Sales and Operation Planning Software analysis and customized reports assist you in making your integrated business planning after analyzing all possible scenarios.

Features & Benefits of Avercast's Sales & Operations Planning Software


Enables seamless company-wide collaboration

Enables seamless company-wide collaboration

Unlike other planning strategies, S&OP software puts an end to silo departments and enables organizational collaboration. With the entire team brainstorming together, you can make an effective plan for the predicted demand. Without company-wide contributions, there is no success.



what-if analysis

Execute what-if analysis

Once you have made the final plan – make sure to test it. Using S&OP software, you can test all possible outcomes based on market trends and season. With a what-if analysis for every plan, you can prepare for any sudden change that could disrupt your goals.




Forecast and plan for necessary mid-process changes

If your sales numbers need to adjust or if there’s a sudden market outburst, are you prepared to deliver what your customers need? with S&OP Software, you forecast the in-between changes and plan for them earlier, keeping you ready for your customers’ demands.




Use of SQL for easy reporting

The sales or operations report is usually technical and saved with disorganized naming conventions, which will be difficult for other departments to comprehend and extract. With Avercast’s S&OP Software, you no longer have to worry about confusing reports. Backed up by Microsoft SQL technology, it lets you quickly access
customized reports.




Automates business planning

With assistance from S&OP tools, you can automate your business planning, which reduces the time involved in devising it. The decrease in the lead times enhances your overall productivity and streamlines your business planning process.




Supply and demand balancing

Inventory has the potential to make or break your business. It’s why every company strives to strike a balance between supply and demand. Our software does that for you, assisting managers in managing
inventory effectively.


Maintaining A Balance Between Supply, Demand, and Cash Flow

Who uses Avercast S&OP Software?

The one thing that encourages unified decision-making and consensus-based business plan is Sales and Operations Planning software. Misaligned inventory, vague decisions, and siloed departments are the proper ingredients of a failed supply chain.

What can S&OP software do for your business?

Bringing your teams together, our S&OP software helps you unify your teams and enhance communication. With increased transparency, your sales, inventory, and operations teams can exchange insights and make smarter decisions beneficial to the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

S&OP or Sales and Operations Planning combines all the different sectors’ plans (like marketing, manufacturing, finance, inventory, sales, etc.) step by step into one integrated plan or strategy. This tactic has worked wonders for companies and increased their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
Sale and Operations Planning gets integrated through a six or seven-step process, which varies from company to company. But a general outline of the process begins with data aggregation and validation. Then based on the data, forecasts are made, followed by demand planning. Then planners begin with supply planning measuring capacities, inventories, etc. After supply planning, the process moves further to balance supply and demand. At last, the S&OP is executed.
Just as important as customers are for your business, sales planning fulfills customers’ demands. S&OP Software allows companies to integrate their small, siloed plans according to departments into one holistic, unified business plan. It manages your inventory so that you can balance your supply and demand.
Sales and Operations Planning, commonly abbreviated as S&OP, is a six-step planning process in which you plan how to effectively deliver your products to customers. The planning usually takes place at the higher levels. It is then documented as reports and later passed to the various departments.

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