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Sales Forecasting Software

Foresee Your Perpetual Sales Growth.
Sales Forecasting Software is essential for smart and responsive sales forecasting. Its sales forecasting tools with unforeseen market changes or consumer preferences aid you in forecasting sales accurately and making smarter decisions for your business.

What is a Sales Forecast?

Avercast sales forecasting software use advanced algorithms to produce a reliable and accurate sales forecast.

A sales forecasting is a process of identifying the volume of future sales or the revenue earned through it for a specific time period. Avercast sales forecasting tools use advanced algorithms to produce a reliable and accurate sales forecast. Using 250+ forecasting algorithms, developed over the years, the software uses your past sales data to forecast future
sales for you.

Our software takes a variety of data into account when creating forecasts. This data driven approach includes past sales, market conditions, seasonal trends, consumer profiles, and more.

Sales teams use this data to assess your product performance, understand your future sales pipeline & decide the steps required to increase sales in the coming time periods. At Avercast, we understand every business is different. That’s why our Sales Forecasting solution lets you alter the forecasting methods to ensure accurate forecasts.

Key Features of Avercast's Sales Forecasting Software

1-Precise sales forecast

Precise sales forecast

An accurate sales forecast is a critical necessity of the business that uses sales forecasting solutions. With Avercast’s Business Forecasting Software, you get the most accurate predictions. The software encloses more than 250 advanced statistical algorithms and numerous Sales Forecasting Tools assisting the sales team globally in predicting precisely and making Avercast one of the best Sales forecasting software.
2-Automatic data extraction

Automatic data extraction

Even if you have 1000 algorithms, it is useless unless you have the data. That’s why integrating software with your data warehouse and extracting data automatically is crucial. Fortunately for you, our Sales Forecasting Software integrates seamlessly with any system and pulls out data independently.
3-Integration of outsourced & past sales data

Integration of outsourced & past sales data

Your outlet or website is not the only touch point between you and your consumers. Thus, collecting customer data along with integrating past sales data and current seasonality trends helps you forecast better. Our Sales Forecasting Tools use every data point and seasonal trend to predict your future sales accurately.
4-Supervise progress against your goals

Supervise progress against your goals

It is critical to keep periodically analyzing your progress and comparing it with your target. Our Sales Forecasting Software lets you fetch your sales data and compare it against your targeted goal. The continuous analysis reflects your current performance, what is going right, and where you need improvement.
4-Create revenue forecasts

Create revenue forecasts

As per industry experts, your Sales Forecasting Software should enable you to project your revenues. Does our software allow you to do that? Yes, absolutely! By combining the current sales price with historical data, you can predict it for the same period. The projected revenue would align with your demand forecast.
6-Generate customized reports

Generate customized reports

Our sales forecasting solutions allow you to create various reports per your need. The reports, like sales forecasts or projected revenue, etc., are generated with the help of Sales Forecasting Tools. You can use the tools to put across the reports visually (e.g., pie charts, graphs, etc.), helping others to understand.

Does your business needs Sales Forecasting?

If you sell something, the answer is simple: you need Sales Forecasting. A Sales Forecast is a number calculated after various simulations and calculations. It is a targeted number (in terms of volume or revenue) that a company intends to sell during a time (a month, a quarter, or a year). Sales Forecasting is essential for the bottom line of your company. It sets goals for various teams and assists in making an informed decision. It also evolves your strategic tactics, enhancing the
company’s profitability.
Since most companies have distributed sales teams, it becomes difficult for managers to track their performance and set targets. Sales forecasting to the rescue! It allows managers to track and forecast sales and allocate them accordingly. Not to mention that if a company keeps neglecting its poor sales forecasts, it will hurt its financial health.
It can be hard to gauge what consumers are going to want, and how much product they’ll buy. The software predicts numbers and increases your bottom line. Avercast, due to its decades of experience, and 250+ advanced algorithms, is one of the best sales forecasting software right now and you can leverage the phenomenon as well.

How to make your
Sales Forecasting successful?

Sales Forecasting is a crucial factor in predicting your future revenue. The more precise your forecasts are, the more beneficial it is for your business. So, what if you need to anticipate your sales or revenue accurately? Instead of losing confidence and dragging the wavered forecast with your business, here is how Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Software can make your prediction accurate and successful.
The first and foremost thing to do is switch from your current sales forecasting solutions to Avercast. This will ensure that with the assistance of our business forecasting software, you are getting the most
accurate forecasts.
More on that in below mentioned distinctive highlights:

Benefits of Avercast's Sales Forecasting Software

Impeccable sales planning

Sales forecasting combines marketing matrix, analytics, and sales goals. Thus, to achieve your projected numbers, you need a definite plan. With unbeatable Sales Forecasting Accuracy, Avercast’s Forecasting Software let you make an effective sales plan.

Define realistic goals

The primary use of Sales Forecasting Software is to define goals. Targets based on logic, past data, historical trends, current seasonal patterns, and achievable goals. Setting unrealistic goals is not just harmful to you but to your whole company
3-Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

Sales is a long process, starting from Demand Forecasting to raw materials to delivery. Therefore, eliminating as many error-causing issues as possible is advisable. Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Process enables you to identify any worries and eliminate them.
4-Preserve your time

Preserve your time

Whether it is feeding data or making reports, manual work takes time. It is less efficient and inaccurate. Use Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Software instead. With immaculate Sales Forecasting Accuracy, it saves you time and avoids stockout or overstock situations.
5-Enhances budgeting

Enhances budgeting

Based on the sales forecast, the finance teams will then be able to predict profit plans, and income flows. Thus, the financial forecasts gives more accurate your sales forecasting is, the merrier your budget will be. Never shy out of using the best Sales Forecasting Software.
6-Plan resources effectively

Plan resources effectively

Once you have the sales target, you can plan your resources to accomplish it. Similarly, different departments use sales forecasting to plan their resources differently. E.g., production uses it to plan production schedules; marketing uses it to allocate resources in various marketing campaigns, etc.

Why choose Avercast’s
Sales Forecasting Software?

Avercast provides you with what you need, so you can give your customers what they need.

Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Software is one of the best solution for resilient forecasting with decades of experience to ensures accurate forecast at every step. It lets you determine precise sales forecasts for up to 5 years in the future. The tailor-made forecasting ensures that you can choose the solutions as per your requirements. Our team of supply chain experts are always ready to help you get the results you desire. With custom forecasting, you can choose the right algorithms for your business, ensuring accurate forecasting, every time. 

If you have a business that offers some form of product to consumers, you could benefit greatly from our Sales Forecasting Tool. Feel free to contact us and sign up for a free demonstration with an Avercast professional.

Sectors leveraging
Sales Forecasting software

In today’s erratic times, even with extensive sales teams and customer touchpoints, large or small businesses struggle to accurately forecast revenue and predict growth. The unpredictable consumer loyalty makes retaining and acquiring new customers even more challenging.

That’s where Sales Forecasting Software comes to your aid. The software helps you to build an ideal sales plan. It allows you to identify the bottlenecks in your sales process. It streamlines your inventory with accurate inventory forecasting. Avercast has the most accurate Business Forecasting Software.
We have helped various brands across the globe with precise forecasts and saved millions of dollars for them. Implement our solutions and experience these benefits for yourself. Industries currently using our solutions include consumer packaged goods, manufacturers, wholesale distribution, automotives, pharma, eCommerce, etc.
Following are the vital sectors that use Sales Forecasting Software to its full potential:

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Forecast amalgamates science, advanced technologies, and art. After utilizing previous sales history, current trends, and seasonal factors, a prediction about sales for the upcoming period (a month, a quarter, or a year) is made.

The three main Sales Forecasting techniques are as follows:
  1. Qualitative Techniques: This forecasting technique is based on experts’ and customers’ thoughts, opinions, and judgments. This is a subjective technique and is used mainly for making low-level decisions.
  2. Quantitative Techniques: Various mathematical models are used to make highly logical and informed forecasts. This technique uses past numerical values.
  3. Time Series Models: The model uses historical data to identify patterns, and then based on those patterns, it determines future needs. The two models that assist you with forecasting are the straight-line method and the moving average method.
Here are the four crucial steps that enable you to build a sales forecast:
  1. Know what you are selling and your desired outcome: It seems hysterical to mention you should know what you want to sell; obviously, you know. However, you should know which items you are already selling, which products you are shutting off, and so on. Also, it is essential to understand your desires regarding units sold, revenue generated, and expenses incurred.
  2. Select a Forecasting Method: Once you know what you are selling and how much you desire to sell, the next thing is to determine which forecasting method to use. Along with techniques, you also need to select the period, i.e., for how many years, months, or quarters you want to forecast.
  3. Never leave costs out of sight: Once you know what you are selling, how much you will sell, and at what price, you tend to start sketching your profits. One thing you never forget is mentioning your costs or expenses incurred to sell that product (e.g., advertising, marketing, delivery, etc.)
  4. Analyze, Analyze and Analyze: Once you have completed setting up the forecasting pipeline, the final thing you need to do is analyze. You need to keep supervising your forecasted numbers, whether you are on track or not, where you need to improve, etc.
Sales Forecasting is essential to know whether you will be able to achieve growth or not. It is vital to plan your revenue and how you can increase it. It is important to know identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales process. It is crucial to understand what it is that you can improve to get the numbers you want. And it is critical to set up sales targets and analyze sales performance. The importance of Sales Forecasting is immense and does not confine only to these mentioned points

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