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Supplier Connection Software

Leading Innovative Solution for
Stress-Free Supplier Management.
Reduce the chances of falling behind on supplies due to long lead times. Nudge your suppliers
about materials procurement. Provide them with planning time, reduce lead time,
and reduce the probability of tardy supplies.

What is Supplier
Management Software?

Avercast Supplier Management Software helps you enhance collaboration with your suppliers while reducing lead times.
Avercast Supplier Management Software helps you enhance collaboration with your suppliers while reducing lead times. It allows you to share with vendors the information that pertains to them and better negotiate price reductions. It integrates with Avercast Supply Planning Software for better supplier management.
Vendors automatically get their projected orders when you develop your forecast and formulate your supply plan in Avercast software. It provides the supplier with the management tools they need that are user-friendly,
flexible, and convenient.

Vital features of Supplier Connection Software

1-No impression for vendors
No impression for vendors
The software provides easy access to users, and you can also use it through browsers. However, it still is secure and does not leave footprints for vendors. Supplier management software secures your activity entirely, and apart from you, no one will be able to check about other suppliers.
2-Reduces lead time
Reduces lead time
The supplier management system allows you to get real-time data and the supplier’s status. With real-time analysis, you can reduce the lead time for the vendor. Lead time is the time taken by the vendor after receiving the order until the order is delivered or supplied.
3-Managing budget
Managing budget
Your purchase budget is vital for your annual budget. You do not want to spend so little that your production gets hampered. However, it would be best if you avoid inflating it large that other processes’ budgets get depleted. Supplier Connection software helps you track, review and manage your budget.
4-Vendor specific information
Vendor specific information
By using a supplier management system, every vendor can access data specific to them. The software does not only secure their data but also reduces confusion. The software allows you to protect your data by using a password. No vendor can access others information.
5-Supplier management analytics
Supplier management analytics
The solution lets you monitor your supplier’s performance by directly linking software with the customer satisfaction metrics. The dashboard allows you to analyze performance through qualitative or quantitative methods. It helps suppliers to identify the areas where they need to improve.
6-Integrates with multiple apps
Integrates with multiple apps
The software integrates with various applications to assist you with vital activities like accounting, billing, issuing purchase orders, and more. Supplier Connection system integrates with ERPs and fetches data automatically. Once you start leveraging the system, these integrations will enhance overall efficiency and ensure fast implementation.

Build a seamless collboration
with your suppliers

The Supplier Connection Software by avercast allows you to transform your relationship with your suppliers. It minimizes the risk of data breach from any third party or suppliers’ end and enhances efficiency.
The Supplier Relationship Management Solution enables you to rapidly onboard suppliers and reduce vendor lead times. Besides, it also enhances supplier visibility which in return gives you negotiation power.
More on that in below mentioned distinctive highlights:

Key benefits of Supplier Connection Software

1-Data inclusion
Data inclusion
The Supplier Connection Software encourages real-time data integration, which means vendors and users get the same data. The software integrates with the ERP and thus obtains accurate, agile, real-time data.
2-Rapid user visibility
Rapid user visibility
A system administrator can allocate roles and permissions. Our Supplier Management Solutions provides each vendor with a unique login, allowing them to see relevant supplier activity. Each vendor can see projected order schedules.
3-Account management
Account management
The software allows you to have a separate supplier management account for all your suppliers. The different account ensures that the vendor can make necessary changes and update their account information.
4-Customized alerts
Customized alerts
What if your stock is about to end? In case you do not have automated alerts, the chances are you will become aware of it after the stock has already finished. The Supplier Management Software enables automated alerts, ensuring reduced chances of going out-of-stock.
5-Reduces workload
Reduces workload
Manual work gets reduced, with most operations getting automated, which shrinks the workload. You can automate/schedule send or receive notifications automatically. You can also automate the signup work, which minimizes the time utilized in the manual signup process.
6-Enhanced supply chain operations
Enhanced supply chain operations
With the increase in supplier, vendor and merchant communication, supply chain management becomes efficient and effective. Also, due to the automated reporting, suppliers take time to deliver products reducing the lead time, which adds to the supply chain’s efficiency.

Why choose Avercast’s Supplier Connection Software?

With Avercast Supplier Connection Software, you can easily communicate with vendors regarding their order details. This improves their lead times while enhancing customer satisfaction. It also aids the efficiency of every person in the supply chain. It allows you to have access to all of your data in one place.
You gain confidence in your ability to manage external relationships. Our Supplier Management Solutions allow real-time collaboration and provide you with customizable solutions. With browser-enabled accessibility, you can use and supervise the software from anywhere in the world at any time.
The software includes many Supplier Management Tools, one of which is that it empowers suppliers by securing data. It gives every supplier a distinct username and password, allowing them to access their specific dashboard. Using the software, vendors can directly see the forecasted orders, which assists them in planning for the timely delivery
of the products.

Industries utilizing
Supplier Connection Software

Supplier connection is a vital task in the supply chain operations, ranging from communicating with suppliers to issuing purchase orders to bills of procured material bills and so on. The advantages of Supplier Management Software are immense. Companies that deal with any inventory have various third-party suppliers and the Supplier Management Process assists you in tracking their progress, supervising them and achieving goals.
The software gives you better control over your sales operations, inventory and materials forecasting. Inventory, as we all know, is one of the primary requirements of any business, whether it is of materials required to manufacture or finished goods inventory. Having a firm grip on your inventory is transformative.
Avercast’s Supplier Connection Software encourages merchants, suppliers, and vendors to interlink their operations effortlessly. Many industries use Supplier Connection Software to enhance their productivity and effortless supplier management. Retail, FMCG, pharma, manufacturing, e-commerce, automotive, fashion, and more.
Following are the key sectors that use forecasting software to its full potential:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Management is the process of finding, selecting and supervising all the relevant suppliers associated with your business. The method also includes evaluating their performance, ensuring that you get the best possible result for each penny you spend on suppliers. Both the company and suppliers must maintain healthy and effective communication.
Supplier Relation Management or SRM is the process of managing suppliers who are vital for business operations. These suppliers generally provide raw materials, deliver your finished goods, or deliver essential safety products. Supervising the effectiveness of each supplier is necessary, and you should always choose an efficient and cost-effective supplier.
Supplier Management Process includes:

  • Segmenting Supplier: The first and foremost step of the process is identifying and segmenting suppliers. The segments, like tactical or strategic, can be different, and some tail vendors.
  • Finalizing Objective: Once you segregate suppliers into separate segments, the next step is to set their goals or objectives. It is vital as, without goals, all the work and effort of the suppliers get wasted.
  • Track and Measure Supplier’s Performance: Evaluating suppliers’ performance is the next step. How will you attain your goal if you do not know whether your supplier is performing? As it is highly advised to keep analyzing suppliers’ performance timely.
  • Supplier Management Strategies: Once you start analyzing their performance, you need an effective management strategy that will allow you and the supplier to communicate better.

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