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Capacity Planning Software

A Purpose-Built Technological Solution
Balancing Your Supply and Demand.

Avercast’s capacity management software is comprehensive solution that enables you to manage all aspects of your business needs. Meet all future consumer demands, plan for capacity changes, effectively outsource production and adjust shifts as needed. Manage operations as effectively as possible.

What Is Rough-Cut Capacity Planning Software?

What is the one thing you inquire about before taking up a new project or investing in new equipment?

Do we have the capacity, both in terms of space and in terms of humans, i.e., do you have adequate numbers of humans working on the machine or completing the project? One of the processes or technique supply chain companies use to find out about the future capacity requirement is called
Rough-cut Capacity Planning.

To understand capacities precisely and optimize them, numerous companies across the world use Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software. It helps you plan how to utilize your capacity resources best strategically. 

Avercast’s capacity management software allows you to make necessary adjustments to account for constant changes in demand and inventory levels and for manufacturing needs, making it the best capacity planning software.

Key Features of Avercast's Rough-Cut Capacity Planning software

Identification and elimination of hindrances
Identification and elimination of hindrances
Capacity management software allows you to determine issues or bottlenecks that are affecting your supply chain process and solve the problems with proper logic. The software has various Capacity planning tools, providing an alternative solution to eliminating bottlenecks.

Simple and intuitive interface
Once a business starts using software, they don’t want to get into the hassle of updating and manual feeding. Our Capacity Planning Solutions is easy to use, agile, and needs no special training to operate and encourages you to plan long-term goals and business development.

Easy reporting

Reporting made easy
Our Capacity management software makes your reporting easy and on the go. Backed up by Microsoft’s SQL, the software facilitates easy reporting across the business. Along with easy reporting, it enables you to share the reports with stakeholders effortlessly, making the entire process less time-consuming.


Hassle-free Integration
Our Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software integrates with any system flawlessly. The integration ensures that you do not have to feed in data manually, i.e., the software automatically fetches data from ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). You can plan your inventory better with accurate capacity planning tools.


The “what-if” simulation
Our software enables you to test and simulate various situations based on market trends and seasons. That means you can prepare for the worst outcomes while hoping for the best, and our Capacity Planning Solutions will help you devise the test and be ready for whatever may come.


Alerts for Required Actions
The software is designed to reduce the efforts needed to operate, and one key thing that we boast about resolving is alerts. You cannot go into the lengthy spreadsheets daily to identify whether any action is required. Our software rings you when you need to act.

Resolve resource planning challenges
with Capacity Management Software

Dwelling on the purpose of future resource planning is crucial. You must decide what challenges or issues you need to tackle in the capacity planning process. If planned and used well, capacity planning can ensure that you have the precise number of optimal resource allocation at the time when it matters most. 

It is vital to note that you will not achieve the efficiency you are looking for in your operations without a capacity planning process.
The reason could be overburdening resources, underutilized resources, or no resources when required. Thus, it is critical to employ capacity management software.

Here are some other challenges that our software solves:

The reliable benefits of Capacity Planning Software

balance demand supply

Take data-enabled decisions
Will you be able to complete the project or not? Do you have the resource capacity planning software to finish within the deadline? Be it any capacity-related questions; our capacity management tools has a logical answer supported by your data.

enchance ROI
Streamline supply chain and enhance ROI
The supply chain is a lengthy process, and that is why it is more than likely to fall apart for distinct reasons, which could cost you millions of dollars. Thus, capacity management assists you with
streamlining and reducing expenses.

Use it separately or integrate it
One of the critical benefits that Avercast’s Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software provides to its clients is that they can use the software standalone or can integrate it with other software and ERPs and lets the software do its work automatically.

Utilize your resources efficiently
Capacity Planning software enables you to keep supervising your resource management periodically. Doing so allows you to get a bird’s eye view of all your resources and use them, accordingly, increasing their efficiency. Maximum visibility ensures that you can hire novel resources.

balance demand supply

Balances Demand and Supply Capacity
Finding a balance between your supply capacity and customers’ demand is the sweet spot where every company thrives. Your expenses are minimized, and your revenues get maximized. Our capacity management tool assists you in finding the balance and planning for the demand.

customized solutions
Customized solution Simple and straight, yet so intriguing. Yes, we provide solutions based on our client’s demands, making us the best. The team of supply chain experts and engineers make sure that they deliver software that not only minimizes clients’ efforts but also saves their pennies.

Why choose Avercast’s Capacity Planning Software?

Avercast Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software provides a platform for manufacturers to oversee production planning effectively. Users will increase revenue, productivity, and overall ROI with a practical approach to managing production and orders—balance production demand against manufacturing constraints to identify bottlenecks in production
before problems arise.
Our software includes advanced planning and forecasting algorithms and provides honest time reporting and analytics, which quickly integrate with the software you use. Avercast’s Rough-cut capacity planning software has 250+ advanced algorithms which help you accurately.
Avercast’s Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software includes advanced planning and forecasting algorithms and provides honest time reporting and analytics, which quickly integrate with the software you use.

Industries relying on
Capacity Planning Software

The one thing that encourages and enhances overall productivity is capacity planning. It is effective and has enabled numerous businesses to make the most of their resources available. So, what is the solution? Capacity Planning Software.
The benefits of having a streamlined capacity planning process are tremendous; it balances your supply and manufacturing capacity with the customer’s demand. Avercast has the most accurate system available.

Currently, various brands across the world use the best manufacturing capacity planning software, Avercast. Industries currently using our software include consumer Retail, Finance, 
FMCG, Manufacturing, etc.

Following are the vital sectors that use Rough-cut Capacity Planning Software to its full potential:

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Our award-winning
Demand Planning Software integrates with
any system



Frequently Asked Questions

Capacity Planning is a process of determining the capacity of your resources so that you can strike a balance between your supply capabilities and customers’ demand. After all, that is the larger game. Regarding product management, capacity is termed as the potential of a resource, i.e., the amount of work that can be done in a period.
The types of capacity planning differ from industry to industry. For manufacturing, there are three types of Capacity planning:
  1. Workforce Capacity Planning: The planning done to ensure that you have enough human resources to complete the task and meet the final goals.
  2. Equipment or Tool Capacity Planning: This type of planning is done to ensure that you have equipment in good condition and abundance to fulfill your goal.
  3. Product Capacity Planning: It is essential to ensure you have enough products in stock to fulfill demand. Also, it is performed for raw materials, so you never fall short during manufacturing.
Not just plan to fulfill near demand, but to achieve bigger goals. Due to the same motto, various businesses across industries use Rough-cut Capacity Planning. Companies use RCCP techniques to ensure they do not store or release materials in excess. Along with multiple benefits, it also supports a master production schedule or MSP.
The three methods of Rough-cut Capacity Planning are:
  1. CPOF or Capacity Planning Using Overall Factors: It is an easy and hasty way to forecast your capacity requirements and uses overall sales volume and product mix to calculate your needs.
  2. Capacity Bills: It is also known as Capacity Planning Using Capacity factors (CPCF). It uses factors like capacity expenses, capacity releases, and capacity units to forecast needs. This method is more accurate than CPOF.
  3. Resource profiles: This method tells you in which month you need resources and in what quantity. It gives more precise estimates than capacity bills.

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