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Boosting Customer Satisfaction Through Improved Forecasting Accuracy

The Problem

In the e-commerce space, precise forecasting is often the difference between a successful company and one that struggles to meet quarterly numbers. For Walker Edison, having an inaccurate forecast means much more, as stockouts and delays lead to lower customer satisfaction scores.
Before moving to demand forecasting software, the company relied heavily on spreadsheets to manage its extensive SKU catalog. However, the process became tedious, and accuracy dwindled as the organization increased its product offering.
Eventually, the demand planning team decided it was time to embrace a new forecasting method and contacted Avercast.

Creating Value

While one of the biggest driving forces behind implementing Avercast was to improve forecasting accuracy, the software also made it incredibly easy to pull data directly from Walker Edison’s ERP system. This seamless integration helped reduce the hours spent updating and moving information between the two systems.

Driving Next

With Avercast in place, Walker Edison has seen a significant shift in its forecasting process. The new software capabilities have resulted in better inventory management, lower carrying costs, and fewer stockouts across the product line.

Raving Fan

“Avercast was a significant improvement from the spreadsheets we were originally using. As we migrated to the platform, we noticed that our forecasting accuracy was improving drastically, and our customer satisfaction scores were even improving.”

— Josh Roca, Operations Team

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