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Forecasting at the Customer Level

The Problem

Historically, SKLZ did much of its forecasting at a customer level, which helped with the management of several large customers, including Walmart, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and Amazon. However, as the company quickly grew, there was a glaring issue with data sharing across departments.
During weekly meetings, the sales, planning, and purchasing teams provided status updates based on their spreadsheets. The disjointed discussions hampered overall productivity and made it challenging to forecast demand accurately.
Ultimately, SKLZ CEO Matt Peters decided a change was necessary and began considering software solutions to improve communication across departments and increase forecasting accuracy.

Creating Value

The implementation of Avercast software was an immediate success and a source of relief for many people throughout the organization. The new system brought a sense of order and efficiency, allowing for the monitoring and segregation of data points at any level across various groups.
Other members of SKLZ also experienced a significant shift with Avercast, feeling empowered by the new streamlined processes. Before the demand planning software, team members had to make manual edits to spreadsheets and track inventory in Excel files. Now, with access to live data in a dynamic system, they can be more analytical toward forecasting and identifying patterns.

Driving Next

While the main driving force behind the implementation of Avercast was to improve demand planning communication across divisions, SKLZ also saw a significant increase in demand forecasting accuracy.
The ability to monitor and forecast each SKU in a single location made it possible to quickly identify trends and adjust inventory, thus increasing efficiency across the organization.

Raving Fan

“Moving to Avercast allowed our team to transition from tracking data Excel files to having the data live in a dynamic system. The ability to have live data daily has helped us be more analytical toward forecasting and recognizing forecast patterns.”

— Erica Davis, Director of Planning

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