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280+ forecasting algorithms make forecasting easy and enable multiple projections.

Optimizing inventory and making it cost-efficient has a huge role in the success of any business, especially for manufacturers. Imagine if you could decrease your inventory spending by millions of dollars, wouldn’t it be great? Avercast software did just that for Ramco.
Established in 1977 in Hudson, Ohio, Ramco Specialties Inc. manufactures spacers, nuts, washers, and fasteners. All the manufacturing is done in their 165,000 sq. ft ultramodern facility. With thousands of nuts and bolts manufactured, it was troublesome and tedious to maintain forecasting, list of raw materials, and deliver on time. So, they turned to Avercast software.
Many companies lack accurate forecasting or exact plans to buy raw materials. For companies producing high volume and large number of products like Ramco, they must plan and purchase raw materials months before they deliver. That’s why Cassidy Laudadio, materials manager, and her team trust Avercast. The software tells them what to produce and when to produce it.
Avercast software has many benefits, but what enticed Cassidy Laudadio was it gives her the accessibility to make changes to the program whenever she needs to. In other words, it is customizable to users’ requirements.
Cassidy ensures that every week, forecast data from 50 General Motors (GM) plants is interfaced into Avercast, which helps them in executing their orders. The 280+ advanced algorithms make forecast easy. Teams can perform multiple projections based on the data, monitor them, compare them, and get more accurate forecasts.
These precise predictions assist the team in generating exact purchase plans. It decreases the inventory cost and frees the amount for hiring new people, customer acquisition, employee benefits, and various other ways. Another benefit of the software is that it allows Cassidy and her team to forecast and track down every component needed to finish the product.

Since the automotive industry requires lengthy future demand planning, the forecast of components must be accurate. With a forecast as reliable as Avercast’s, Cassidy can be assured that there will not be any massive surplus when the time comes to fill orders for her clients.