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Forecast and adjust accordingly to fulfill Just-in-time orders and keep on growing.

Coastal Pet is a multimillion-dollar pet products supplier based in Alliance, Ohio. The enormous warehouse of 400,000 sq. ft. takes care of both manufacturing and shipping operations. Ever-growing operation offers more than 7500 SKUs.

Reducing inventory costs with that many products is no cakewalk Coastal planners must keep inventory costs at a minimum, forecast precisely, improve productivity, and solve all the problems that arise through daily operations. Amidst all this, the team uses two projections, one from their clients, and they have different forecasts. Another one is the internal forecast obtained by using the Avercast software. Ultimately, Cory and his team run data through Avercast and simultaneously use both forecasts to reduce and restrict unnecessary costs.

Jim and Cory, the lead planners of Coastal Pet, use Avercast software to process more than 43,000 records weekly. Trusting the Avercast data allows them to forecast and adjust accordingly to fulfill Just in Order (JIT) orders from the internet, an ever-increasing priority with the rise of their e-commerce business.

Avercast delivers one central report for all the forecasts to Jim and his team. They know that their entire business model depends on an accurate forecast of their future demand. By keeping this report as the yardstick for their system, they can know how much product they will need and when to have them ready.