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The Challenge of Accurate Forecasting with a Small Team

The Problem

Many companies with smaller teams struggle to manage demand and forecasting, especially with multiple distributors worldwide. Chef Works was in a similar position before partnering with Avercast.
The organization grew rapidly as its chef uniforms became more popular in commercial kitchens. However, there were holes in the process, since at the time only four people were responsible for purchasing, managing, and forecasting.
Initially, Chef Works strictly used historical sales data to forecast upcoming demand. While this provided a general idea of how much inventory was needed, it failed to consider anticipated growth or discontinued products.
Quickly, the team realized that if it continued growing, it would need a data-driven forecasting tool.

Creating Value

Once Chef Works completed the implementation of Avercast, the small team saw significant improvements throughout the demand planning process. Instead of each worker scrambling to update and produce forecasts, they could now spend time analyzing trends and identifying opportunities to reduce carrying costs and streamline inventory management.

Driving Next

Along with helping to improve the overall accuracy of Chef Works’ product catalog, Avercast also allowed the demand planning team to divide duties and responsibilities more effectively. This increase in operational efficiency was critical to keeping the overall organization lean while limiting the need for additional person-hours.

Raving Fan

“Before Avercast, we relied strictly on historical sales data for all our forecasting, which led to accuracy issues since it didn’t account for anticipated growth or the discontinuation of SKUs. Once we implemented Avercast, our inventory management process improved significantly, and we reduced inventory carry costs”

— Nicolette Molina, Senior Supply Chain Analyst

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