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Avercast’s Internal Forecasting Software at the 2021 Logistics World Summit & Expo

Nov 11, 2021 | 3 min read

Avercast offers the best demand planning and forecasting solutions available. We’re pleased to announce our attendance to the 2021 Logistics World Summit and Expo. This is one of the biggest logistics events of the year, and we’re excited to be a part of it. This will take place on November 24th & 25that the Centro Citibanamex en la Ciudad de Mexico.

This year’s Logistics World Summit and Expo has a lot to offer its attendees. There are over 300 exhibits to visit and learn from, as well as over 100 speakers who will address attendants throughout the event.

Avercast focuses on providing the most accurate forecasts possible. However, we offer a variety of other products to help our users get the most they can out of these forecasts. Below you can learn more about some of our most popular products!

Demand Forecasting Software

This software benefits every department in your business. It uses multiple data sets to produce reliable forecasts of future demand. Having the knowledge of predicted demand allows you to make effective plans regarding inventory, space, employees, order fulfillment, and much more!

Inventory Planning Software

This software allows you to improve inventory forecasting. No matter the size of your company, implementing this will bring up to 99% inventory accuracy. Inventory is central to your operations, so accuracy only brings you more freedom.

When you become aware of what your future consumer demand will be, you’re able to productively plan your inventory. You don’t have to worry about stockout or overstock situations, and your inventory levels remain sufficient. With this reliably accurate inventory, you’re able to see other improvements through out your operations.

–       You’re warehouse practices are strengthened with improved inventory. Your shelves remain stocked, but only products that are needed to fulfill consumer demand. You don’t have to worry about storing excess inventory, and this enables you to employ less warehouse labor.

–       Customers are likely to be much happier as they grow to depend on your company for the products they want. As you know, it’s important for you to have satisfied customers. Happy customers are more likely to return to where their needs are met, so if you have reliable inventory, they’re much more likely to be loyal to your business.

S&OP Software

This demand planning software give you a much more tailored view into your operations. Amid the constant stream of market changes, this software does some of the intense & specific tasks for you and allows you to manage by exception.

You can set specific action items to be identified in the system. Rather than manually managing every aspect of your operations, S&OP software identifies areas that need extra attention, which lets your planner focus their efforts where they’re needed. The system can be adjusted to alert you when anything abnormal occurs. When utilized, Avercast’s S&OP software is a great addition to your demand planning practices.

These 3 software are just some of the options available at Avercast. We’re proud to offer our industry leading products. Our software uses over 200 algorithms to produce the best results possible. We’re excited to share more at the Logistics World Summit and Expo at the Centro Citibanamex en la Ciudad de Mexico.

If you aren’t able to stop by our booth, #2101, our experts would still love to talk with you at a time most convenient for you. You can click here to schedule a free call or

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