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What is Avercast Supply Chain Optimization Solution?

It is a tool that businesses use to devise resilient supply chain strategies. Its demand planning software has 280+ advanced forecasting algorithms, most in class, which helps companies produce precise forecasts. The solution is hand tailored that perfectly suits your business requirements and assists you in orchestrating a balance between demand and supply.

Avercast enables its clients to forecast and plan in minutes with customized reports. The solution assists you in orchestrating a balance between demand and supply. Make more resilient strategies with our Supply Chain Planning Solution!

demand planning forecasting

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Avercast Demand Planning Software is full of the potential to transform your entire business. It is designed to resolve hindrances specific to supply planning and forecasting. The solution is well known for increasing forecasting accuracy and streamlining supply chain operations. The software encapsulates multiple features like custom planning, rapid forecasting, and more. It also includes a set of advanced forecasting algorithms, which makes your forecast accurate and reduces your inventory by 33%.

Inventory Planning

Get all real-time insights, enhance your productivity, and shape your inventory with our Inventory Planning Software. With the assistance of software, you can measure the quantity of stocks at each location. Also, it tells you where your products are in real-time and how your inventory is performing. The software is resilient and ensures ample inventory during sudden demand changes, and helps you to reduce stockouts by 85%.

inventory optimization
sales & operation planniing

Sales and Operations Planning

Bring your sales, operations, and finance team together on the same page and increase your efficiency by multiple folds. Avercast Sales and Operations Planning Software lets you build transparency among departments and empowers decision-making. It automates your business planning and reduces errors. Using S&OP software allows you to strategize and measure the success of strategic plans through “What-if” analysis. It streamlines your supply chain, collaborates with multiple departments, and enhances customer experience.

Distinctive Avercast Supply Planning Solution Features

precise demand forecasting

Precise Demand Forecasting

Avercast Demand Planning and Forecasting solution increases the accuracy of your forecasting. It uses your master data and historical trends to deliver error-free forecasting. You can also produce expert-level predictions for five years in the future.

Simulate your Planning Strategies

Test your planning and forecasting strategies, determine their success rate, and prepare Avercast Software. It allows you to analyze your plans through “What-If” analysis, ensuring that you have validated all your strategic decisions and proposals.

custimized alerts

Customized Alerts

The relentless approach to satisfying our clients sits at the core of all our operations. So, we ensure that you can set alerts for anything unconventional and outside your business. It is a significant de-stressing factor.

Avercast Software:
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Overstocked Inventory

With precise forecasting, the software ensures that no old products are occupying storage space due to slow supply chain movement or overproduction.

Too Little Inventory

The software always keeps an inventory check and always keeps you in it. No out-of-stock means happy and content customers.

Loss of Time

You can't forecast thousands of SKUs in Excel. Not only is it error-prone and cumbersome, but it is too time-consuming. Avercast Software does that in a few minutes and clicks.

Accuracy at Toss

More human interaction means more chances for errors. Our solution takes data automatically from your ERP and delivers accurate and error-free forecasts.

No Transparent Communication

More often, sales know nothing about operations and finances and vice versa. Avercast solutions enhance your departmental collaborations.

Latency at work

Excel-oriented forecasts and plans stay only with the spreadsheet owner curtailing anyone else’s vision. Our supply chain solution gives complete visibility to work.

Integrating with popular ERPs

Our clients applaud us for our trailblazing customer experience. To ensure that the software is designed for any ERP, which made our clients our raving fans. Any ERP you choose, we integrate with all. That’s not all; once we integrate with your ERP, our solution automatically fetches the data and provides accurate forecasts.

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