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Avercast's AI-powered solution leverages your data and transforms your supply chain. Transparent
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Impact of Avercast solution on their path to success

Key Business Challenges

Kawasaki relied on spreadsheets to forecast more than 13,000 SKUs at various facilities. These forecasts were static and were not adjusted in real-time.


Avercast demand forecasting software has 280+ algorithms that provide agile and flexible forecasts within minutes.


It saved Kawasaki millions of dollars and helped it surpass its day-to-day analytical workload, allowing it to look for new growth.

Key Business Challenges

Ramco struggled to optimize inventory and make it cost-efficient. With thousands of products manufactured daily, it became troublesome to maintain forecasting.


Cutting-edge technology and advanced 280+ forecasting algorithms make forecasting easy. It aids in generating exact purchase plans.


Avercast assisted Ramco in reducing inventory costs by $ 1-2 million. The company used the savings on customer acquisition and growth.

Key Business Challenges

Markwins Beauty Brands struggled to move away from Excel spreadsheets. Due to this, their forecasts didn’t consider any current trends, seasonality factors, and external scenarios.


With Avercast, Markwins got the solution it was looking for. It was quickly implemented and didn't require any additional training.


Avercast allowed Markwins to realize the true potential of its products. It allowed the company to have proper visibility with improved customer satisfaction by multifold.

Key Business Challenges

The forecasting was getting tedious, and accuracy was not even in the picture. They were lacking customization in the spreadsheets.


Avercast gave it a customized solution as per its need. We also integrated it with existing ERPs, causing no drama during implementation.


The solution enhanced the company’s forecasting accuracy, which became its most significant competitive advantage.

Questions Our Clients Often Ask Us

Avercast supply chain planning software assists you in removing dead stock, reducing safety stock, maximizing turns on your high-moving items, and mitigating supply chain risks. It is ML-powered software that improves your revenue and enhances your bottom line.

Reaching your customers at the right time is a determining factor of your excellent customer service. If you fail, your customers will be dissatisfied, and you will end up losing them. Avercast empowers you to reach the right place with the right product at the right time.

We understand that one-size-fits-all does not work for all companies; therefore, we configure and customize solutions based on the clients specific needs.

Working in Excel is highly time-consuming and confusing, hindering troubleshooting, optimization, and future planning. Avercast enables you to forecast 1000+ SKUs within minutes so that you can focus on planning and growth.

If you already have software and solutions like ERP or data warehouses that you outsourced or developed in-house, you should not worry, because we integrate with everything. From famous ERPs to accounting software, data warehouses to CRM we seamlessly integrate with all.

See How Avercast Assists You in Realizing the True Potential of Your Data.