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Say goodbye to manual manufacturing. Use a complete cloud-based production planning software that integrates with your entire business and helps you grow.

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ML-powered forecasting algorithms

At Avercast, we believe that technology is at the core of perfection, and that’s why we have used machine learning capabilities to enhance forecasting accuracy. With production forecasting software encapsulating 280+ forecasting algorithms, you can predict efficiently, increase your revenue, and improve your bottom line.


Demand & supply planning

Manufacturing is a vital factor that ties the two ends of the supply chain together: supply and demand. Thus, maintaining the balance between both elements becomes critical. Avercast production planning software helps you forecast demand and forge a plan to ensure you have inventory to fulfill the need.


Real-time stock and inventory management

Managing inventory in real-time contributes massively to avoiding stockouts. Live updates of stock moments with manufacturing inventory management software cohesively aid you in making precise manufacturing decisions, which is essential for ensuring your product is in the aisle of your retailers.


Scenario planning

The software allows different departments to collaborate and work towards achieving one goal. These collaborative efforts ensure a streamlined supply chain and an accurate demand forecast. Additionally, you can explore different scenarios to prepare for all current market trends that can extrapolate or go wrong.


What-if analysis

The software empowers businesses to look and prepare for future instances that can cause disruption but are nearly invisible. Many experts call this an imaginary situation analysis, and after the pandemic we all witnessed, it is crucial to be ready for all that may come.


Spreadsheet to automation

Production scheduling software lets you make your way out of time-consuming and complex spreadsheets. It enables businesses to forecast 1000+ SKUs within minutes simply. The solution eliminates all the complexity that inaccurate data possesses and ensure accurate prediction in no time.


One Solution Driving True Value Across Industries

Empower your businesses with customized excellence and a pioneering technological solution

There’s more to any business than just manufacturing, and there are more industries that need cutting-edge solutions. We understand that no business is the same, so we offer a complete SaaS solution that empowers companies and can be customized per requirements.


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13000+ SKUs
280+ Forecasting Algorithms

Avercast has freed up millions of dollars in inventory and allowed us to justify a new hire

Paul Feorene

Manager - Logistic, & Parts Management

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$1-2 Million Reduction
in inventory cost
50+ Forecasts interfaced daily

As part of a deal with General Motors, Cassidy is responsible for ensuring 50 GM plants’ weekly forecast data is automatically interfaced into Avercast to assist in executing their orders.

Cassidy Laudadio

Forecasting Specialist

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21% Reduction
29% Reduction of Excess Stock

Avercast's tool is already robust, but they are at the next level when it comes to cutting-edge development.

Molley Puckett

VP of Demand Management and Operations.

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$14 Million Freed up in Inventory 30% Improvement in forecasting accuracy

Avercast has enhanced visibility and scope. It has allowed the team to collaborate and plan together with the sole focus on one forecast only. The system gives you the efficiency and the technology to replace multiple spreadsheets.

Eileen Li

Supply Chain Management Executive

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