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Manifest Conference is a global event that brings together the entire ecosystem of industry leaders and innovators at the forefront of changing the end-to-end supply chain landscape. Join us to experience the best forecasting and planning solutions, ensuring accuracy throughout your
supply chain journey.

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Avercast Fosters Partnerships for Progress at Manifest

Join us at Manifest Vegas 2024, where we redefine new-age technology solutions to streamline your business and move forward. Experience unprecedented access to industry leaders and technologies changing how the supply chain moves. 

Who We Are

We provide cutting-edge technological solutions specializing in supply chain management, demand planning and inventory planning. With over 280+ Advanced forecasting algorithms, Avercast is designed to address the user's specific needs in forecasting and demand planning.

What Do We Offer

We help clients worldwide forecast demand and plan the right products in the right place at the right time for maximum scalability. Our accurate forecasting solutions minimize inventory carrying costs, reduce stockouts, and boost revenue to enhance your bottom line.

How We Can Help

Avercast’s innovative solutions automate demand planning and forecasting, which reduces manual intervention, reduces lead time, and enhances productivity. We are committed to delivering you with world-class service and planning software to meet
your needs.

How Do We Solve Problems

It’s crucial to plan for all possible scenarios to prepare your supply chain for every uncertainty. Our intelligent software utilizes the what-if scenarios and simulates the situation, preparing you to face any situation. Utilize forecasting for maximum customer satisfaction.

Redefine your supply chain planning — come together with us at Manifest Vegas 2024 and experience how Avercast can transform your business.