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Come out of tardy Excel sheets to forecast within minutes and meet your demand. Track your inventory in real-time as it moves from warehouses to carts and retailers’ aisles. It is an ideal solution for inventory optimization, which reduces your expenses and helps you regain inventory control.

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A leading cloud-based Inventory Forecasting Software accountable for transforming businesses globally

A comprehensive, intuitive and powerful solution backed by 280+ advanced statistical algorithms which makes inventory forecasting robust. It provides inventory control which enhances the turnover time. Our intuitive dashboard lets you track your stock movement in real time and helps you keep demand in harmony with supply.


Want to End your Prolonged Inventory Struggles?

Reduce Surplus Stocks, Get Accurate Inventory Forecast and Boost Your Sales

Inaccurate forecasting often results in stockouts, due to which you lose customers. Put an end to your long misery with Avercast Inventory Planning Software. It elevates the accuracy of forecasts and helps clients reduce their excess inventory and save millions of dollars.

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Forecasting Algorithms


Reduction in Carrying Cost


Reduction in Inventory


Months Future Forecasts


Reduction in Stockouts


Boost in Revenue

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Multi-level Forecasting

Multi-level Forecasting

Forecasts with precision using any custom categories (location, warehouse, customers, etc.) or combining different categories (product line & customer or supplier & brand, etc.).
Purchase Recommendations

Purchase Recommendations

The software provides recommendations to purchase according to each contributor, like the supplier to warehouse, customer to warehouse, or warehouse to warehouse.
Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Our data-driven approach has led us to build dashboards and reports that anyone can access and download as per their requirement, whenever they require it.
Safety Stock Optimization

Safety Stock Optimization

Are you worrying about a sudden demand rise? Don’t, because we’ve got your covered. Optimize your safety stock and ensure availability while you replenish your stocks.

Bills-of-Materials (BOM)

Know the individual cost of your raw materials required to manufacture, design or fix a service or product. Save on costly materials by ordering at the right time and in the correct amount.
Tailored Alerts

Tailored Alerts

Set an alert by choosing from an already given set or tell us, and we will tailor it for you so that you never remain aware of your stock level all the time or never miss overdue receipts and more.

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