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Elevate end-to-end decision-making, eliminate the silos and promote the collaboration to align your supply chain with sales, production, and finance.
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How Avercast Stops Your Inventory Nightmares

Put an end to your
departmental silos and enhance collaboration, so that
your bottom line blossoms.

The integrated solution makes your supply chain agile and flexible and converts it into being proactive rather than reactive.

AI-powered algorithms help you mitigate risk and reduce your carrying cost by 20%.

Real-time data driven insights empower you to make faster and more confident decisions, mitigating risks.

Demand Supply

Strike a balance between customers’ demand and supply capabilities to end your stockout struggle and reduce it by up to 85%.

Uplevel Your Performance With Integrated Planning Solution

Pivot your supply chain decisions based on real-time insights with Demand Planning Software. An easy-to-use solution that enables you to predict the future demand for your products more accurately.
  • Average 5% enhancement in revenue
  • ML-powered 280+ forecasting algorithms
  • Optimizes production schedule and marketing efforts
Demand Planning
Demand Forecasting Software provides predictions, which is unheard of. Manage your stock and prepare for unprecedented scenarios with precise forecasting.
  • Utmost forecasting accuracy
  • Built for one number forecasting
  • Historical data trends analysis
Demand Forecasting
Manage your inventory in real time and determine a balance between your supply capacity and demand. Our Inventory Forecasting solution provides Actionable Insights and triggers alerts when you are close to stockout.
  • Up to 85% reduction in stockouts
  • Average 20% reduction in inventory carrying cost
  • Get detailed inventory insights
Inventory Planning
Leverage our AI-powered solution and transform your supply chain. Identify the optimal quantity to fulfill demand and future-proof your inventory.
  • Data-driven predictive analysis
  • Enhanced capacity management
  • Improve your bottom-line margins
Supply Chain Planning
Align your sales and operations seamlessly, make a unified plan, and collaborate effectively. Gain real-time data-driven insights and become better and more sustainable.
  • Automate your business planning and reduce lead time
  • Uses SQL for easy reporting, which provides easy and rapid access
  • Effective collaboration improves profitability
Sales & Operations Planning

The Game-Changing Benefits of Demand Planning Software

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Key Business Challenges

Kawasaki relied on spreadsheets to forecast more than 13,000 SKUs at various facilities. These forecasts were static and were not adjusted in real-time.


Avercast demand forecasting software has 280+ algorithms that provide agile and flexible forecasts within minutes.


It saved Kawasaki millions of dollars and helped it surpass its day-to-day analytical workload, allowing it to look for new growth.

Key Business Challenges

Ramco struggled to optimize inventory and make it cost-efficient. With thousands of products manufactured daily, it became troublesome to maintain forecasting.


Cutting-edge technology and advanced 280+ forecasting algorithms make forecasting easy. It aids in generating exact purchase plans.


Avercast assisted Ramco in reducing inventory costs by $ 1-2 million. The company used the savings on customer acquisition and growth.

Key Business Challenges

Markwins Beauty Brands struggled to move away from Excel spreadsheets. Due to this, their forecasts didn’t consider any current trends, seasonality factors, and external scenarios.


With Avercast, Markwins got the solution it was looking for. It was quickly implemented and didn't require any additional training.


Avercast allowed Markwins to realize the true potential of its products. It allowed the company to have proper visibility with improved customer satisfaction by multifold.

Key Business Challenges

The forecasting was getting tedious, and accuracy was not even in the picture. They were lacking customization in the spreadsheets.


Avercast gave it a customized solution as per its need. We also integrated it with existing ERPs, causing no drama during implementation.


The solution enhanced the company’s forecasting accuracy, which became its most significant competitive advantage.

Avercast Works Better Together

Struggling with ecosystem integration issues? Your struggles end now with Avercast. The software integrates with all the major ERPs, accounting software, and solutions that you may use in your business ecosystem.

ERP Systems

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