AI Powered Demand Planning

AI Demand Planning Software

Built by experts to ensure your Supply Meets Demand

A new forecasting strategy that guarantees customers delight

Forecasting Algorithms 280+ 33% Reduction in Inventory 85% Stockout Reduction Reduction in Carrying Cost 20% Boost in Revenue 5%

Get data-driven insightful forecasting

Mitigate industry disruptions and steer perpetual growth

Customized Solutions

Industry-leading demand planning solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Multi-level Forecasting

Eliminate data complexities and make accurate forecasts at
any level.

AI-Powered Solution

Avercast software uses AI technology to enhance the accuracy of your forecasts.

Future Forecasts

Our Demand Planning & Forecasting solution enables you to predict up to 5 years into the future.

Consensus-based Supply Chain Solutions

Embrace Disruptions and Orchestrate your entire operations

An omnichannel solution that enables you to realize your true growth potential and face a volatile market. With Avercast wizardry, the right product reaches the right place at the right time.

supply chain analytics
Seasonality & Trend Analysis

Seasonality & Trend Analysis

Fathom how seasonality and trends can impact the future of your products. Peek into the past behaviors of customers.

  • Analyze monthly and annual trends   
  • Analyze consumers’ buying patterns 
  • Get historical insights and future predictions

Demand Forecasting

Analyze historical data and market trends to make precise predictions, reduce excess stocks, and enhance supply chain efficiency.
  • Predict demand with 280+ ML-enhanced growth drivers  
  • Optimize stocks and reduce excess inventory by 85%  
  • Make intelligent financial decisions and improve profit margins   
Demand Forecasting
Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Machine learning (ML) backed solution to support you in planning the right balance between the demand and your supply capabilities.
  • Manage demand and supply with utmost precision
  • Ensuring right product reaches right place at right time
  • Anticipate cash flow, streamline the entire supply chain, and boost customer satisfaction  

Inventory Planning

Keep a check on your inventory and get transparency into its movements. Multiple brands use the software rightfully for proper inventory management.  

  • Get real-time updates and visibility into your stocks
  • Maintain a proper balance between demand and supply
  • Ensure timely stock replenishment and procurement 

Sales and Operations Planning

Does the lack of communication hamper your quality and increase lead time? Intertwin with different departments seamlessly. 

  • Eliminate departmental silos and collaborate to create a success plan
  • Reporting made easy, thanks to Microsoft SQL
  • Take a crucial step towards reducing lead time

Sales Forecasting

AI-powered Sales Forecasting Software is like having a sales oracle. It predicts sales trends and ensures accurate predictions. 

  • Get precise revenue planning
  • Execute What-if analysis to get ready for multiple scenarios
  • Avoid any market surprises and plan production smoothly 
Sales Forecasting

Business Intelligence

We design the Business Intelligence solutions around you and your business needs. Our team of experts and analysts ensures hassle-free cost-effective solutions. 

  • An ML-powered solution making product management easy
  • Visualize data analysis and get a better comprehension of trends
  • Realize up to 10% margin improvement 

Our Raving Fans


Discover how our expertise and innovative solutions
fueled brands for excellence.

"My favorite thing about Avercast is the ability to customize the solution to my ever-changing company's requirements. Their ability to continually add new functionality into the system and exemplary 24*7 customer service helped me streamline my process."
Tammy Dean

Customer Demand Planner

"The Avercast software has been a pleasant experience. It is straightforward to use, and it improved our situation immediately. Learning about the software and assisting co-workers in using it is extremely easy. Avercast's constant support and benefits have helped me overcome the nightmare of long queues at my previous company."
Nick Ferguson

Demand Planner

"Avercast has freed up millions of dollars in inventory and allowed us to justify a new hire"
Paul Feorene

Manager - Logistics, & Parts Management

" They used one sheet per brand... [and] we had to aggregate everything. We would pretty much use the historic numbers to try and project everything. Avercast allowed us to do more."
Martin Toh

Executive Vice President of Operations

"One of the great things Avercast did [was give] us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was."
Josh Rocha

Supply Chain Manager

" With Avercast we are able to combine both forecasting and supply planning and toggle between them easily. With the visibility gained from Avercast, our forecast accuracy has improved."
Erica Davis

Director of Planning

" As part of a deal with General Motors, Cassidy is responsible for ensuring 50 GM plants weekly forecast data is automatically interfaced into Avercast to assist in executing their orders."
Cassidy Laudadio

Forecasting Specialist

" First, the forecasting software has helped us tremendously. In addition, the visibility into our current inventory hold has helped us very much. Without Avercast I don’t know how I would find out how much inventory I have and what I am going to end at."
Nicolette Molina

Senior Supply-Chain Analyst



Smooth and Seamless Integration with all ERP systems

We take pride when we implement our Demand Planning Solution without giving any hassle to our clients. That's why we made software that integrates with all ERP systems and does not require special training. We ensure a faster implementation process and complete support.