AI Demand Planning

Demand Planning Software

Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing accurate needs of your customers

Boost your forecasting accuracy with Avercast's AI-driven demand planning solution. Master inventory management, avoid stockouts and reinvent your supply chain.

Forecasting Algorithms280+33%Reduction in Inventory85%Stockout ReductionReduction in Carrying Cost20%Accurate Forecasting99%

Get data-driven insightful forecasting

Mitigate industry disruptions and steer perpetual growth

Peak Accuracy

Accurate forecasts for every product and SKU. Fast pace your slow-moving inventory.

Growth Driver

Balance your demand and supply, cut your carrying costs, and increase revenue.

AI-Powered Solution

Avercast software uses AI technology to enhance the accuracy of your forecasts.

Future Forecasts

Our Demand Planning & Forecasting solution enables you to predict up to 5 years into the future.

Supply Chain Analytics

Realize your true growth potential and face the market volatility and disruptions with the mastery of orchestration that Avercast’s Demand Planning Solution display.

supply chain analytics
Seasonality & Trend Analysis
Seasonality & Trend Analysis

Seasonality & Trend Analysis

The software enables you to comprehend various seasonal demands, analyze monthly and annual trends, factors affecting them, and your customers' buying patterns. Get much-needed historical insights into customers' behavior.

Demand Sensing

Use our modern technologies and ML-backed algorithms to forecast products' demand for the near future based on the current realities. Capture real-time data, generate data-driven information, and use data intelligence to make logical decisions.

Demand Sensing
Demand Sensing
Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization

Are you struggling with slow-moving stocks? Are you storing more because of excess? Get rid of it and free up your inventory with Avercast solution. Balance your inventory level with the demand and get an intelligent and real-time view of your inventories.

Sheets to Algorithms

Automate your forecasting.
Quick. Rapid. Accurate.

Empower your business and increase its efficiency with a machine learning-backed automatic demand forecasting solution that optimizes your inventory precisely. Transition from error-prone spreadsheet-based forecasting to more significant predictive insights, streamline your decisions and improve your productivity.

Discover how our expertise and innovative solutions
fueled brands for excellence.

"The Avercast software has been a pleasant experience. It is straightforward to use, and it improved our situation immediately. Learning about the software and assisting co-workers in using it is extremely easy. Avercast's constant support and benefits have helped me overcome the nightmare of long queues at my previous company."
Nick Ferguson

Customer Demand Planner | Navico

" My favorite thing about Avercast is the ability to customize the solution to my ever-changing company's requirements. Their ability to continually add new functionality into the system and exemplary 24*7 customer service helped me streamline my process."
Tammy Dean

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Smooth and Seamless Integration with all ERP systems

We take pride when we implement our Demand Planning Solution without giving any hassle to our clients. That's why we made software that integrates with all ERP systems and does not require special training. We ensure a faster implementation process and complete support.