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Realize the true potential of your supply chain and get optimal inventory performance. Attain granular and explainable demand forecasts.

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Avercast is an industry-leading forecasting software provider

Experience unparalleled accuracy in demand forecasting with our data-driven solution that boasts over 280 machine-learning algorithms—no more error-prone and formula-reliant spreadsheets. Our intelligent data-driven solution, predictive analytics and robust forecasting tool can guide you toward growth-focused decisions.

Effortlessly manage stock, streamline orders, and stay organized with our Inventory Management solution. Boost efficiency, reduce errors, and keep your business running smoothly.

Production Planning solution optimizes workflows, minimizes downtime, and ensures seamless operations. Elevate productivity with our user-friendly solution.

Elevate your Sales and Marketing Planning with our tools that empower businesses with strategic and customer-centric insights. Boost sales effortlessly with our cutting-edge solution.  

Innovate with ease! Avercast solution accelerates ideas to reality and boosts New Product DevelopmentStreamline the process and effortlessly stay ahead in the game. 

Decades of Experience Bundled in Tailored Made Forecasting Solutions


Demand Planning

Demand Planning Software responds intelligently to all your supply chain planning and forecasting oversights. It expertly identifies and eliminates potential risks while providing unparalleled scalability to businesses.

Demand Forecasting

Does forecasting for multiple SKUs raise the chances of inaccuracy? We have the perfect solution for it: Demand Forecasting Software. It collects and analyzes data from various sources and can forecast thousands of SKUs within minutes.


Sales Forecasting

End the frustrating challenges of inaccurate sales forecasts with Avercast's Sales Forecasting Software. It offers precise, detailed forecasts and robust scenario planning to help you prepare for any possibility.

inventory planning

Inventory Planning

Stop overlooking your growth opportunities and stay ahead of the curve with the latest demand trends. Inventory Planning Software prevents running out of stock and efficiently manages supply and demand.

Rough-cut Capacity Planning

Rough-cut Capacity Planning

Manage your resources’ capacity effectively and utilize it optimally. Capacity Planning Software revolutionizes your business operations, provides critical time savings, and boosts your overall capabilities.

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning

End your departmental silos and attain maximum productivity. How to do it? Use Avercast S&OP software. It boosts efficiency and maximizes profits by combining your sales and inventory teams to eliminate excess inventory or stockouts.

We guarantee Right Products, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Enabled growth for multiple small, medium and large enterprises globally

Avercast Demand Solution has been a game-changer for small, medium and large global enterprises, providing unparalleled assistance in predicting and planning for demands up to 60 months into the future. Our demand forecasting software enriched with powerful forecasting tools has saved businesses millions by expertly managing slow-moving inventories and excess stocks.

Demonstrated benefits that you can achieve too

reduction in InventoryUp to33%
stockouts reductionsUp to85%
Boost in RevenueUp to5%
reduction in carrying costUp to20%

How Avercast paved their path of success

"The Avercast software has been a pleasant experience. It is straightforward to use, and it improved our situation immediately. Learning about the software and assisting co-workers in using it is extremely easy. Avercast's constant support and benefits have helped me overcome the nightmare of long queues at my previous company."
Nick Ferguson

Demand Planner | Signature Products Group

" My favorite thing about Avercast is the ability to customize the solution to my ever-changing company's requirements. Their ability to continually add new functionality into the system and exemplary 24*7 customer service helped me streamline my process."
Tammy Dean

Customer Demand Planner | Navico

Bi-directional Integration for empowered forecasts

Get seamless software integration with all major ERPs and automate your entire forecasting process. Integrate it now.

Choose 280+ ways of forecasting your data

Accelerate your demand predictions with our AI-powered demand forecasting solution.

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