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It's no wonder Markwins International has joined forces with avercast

Based out of Industry, CA, Markwins International is a global leader in cosmetics. Founded in 1984 by Eric Chen, Markwins International has decades of experience and success in their field. Markwins currently has corporate offices in Washington DC, Canada, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and it continues to grow and expand each year. With millions of customers around the globe, multiple brands, thousands of SKUs, and countless vendors, it’s no wonder Markwins International has joined forces with Avercast.

Martin Toh, Executive Vice President of Operations, has been with Markwins Inter-
national for 30 years and was a key player in the decision process for finding a new fore-
casting software. Martin recalls that before switching to Avercast’s trusted name, they used Excel spreadsheets to manage and calculate their forecast. “They used one sheet per brand... [and] we had to aggregate everything. We would pretty much use the historic numbers to try and project everything. Avercast allowed us to do more”, says Martin. With regards to the software developed by the Avercast team, Martin stated, “we get a good picture of historic and future demand.” Minimizing downtime is an objective all businesses strive for. No company deserves extended, unnecessary downtime, as that can lead to lost revenues and lost productivity. Avercast prides itself in fast implementation and ability to minimize downtime through its Cloud implementation process. Much to Martin’s satisfaction, the implementation time for Avercast at Markwins International was fast and the downtime was minimal. “It took us less than a month to switch to Avercast.

“I think for almost everyone who has used Avercast, they say it’s very good. [...] We always get good service from you guys!”

Martin Toh

Executive Vice President of Operations

For Martin Toh, he believes that the most important criteria to be met in deciding on a company’s solution is its customer service. Part of his reasoning for switching to Avercast was that he had become familiar with the exceptional service linked to the software. “I think for almost everyone who has used Avercast, they say it’s very good. [...] We always get good service from you guys!” says Martin.

There is power in being able to forecast effectively even with other variables mixed into the equation. According to Martin, the lead time for Markwins can be around twelve weeks and sometimes “as long as six to seven months.” Any company that’s expecting to meet its demand accurately relies on its forecasting ability, and having a software that incorporates lead times easily and effectively is a tool every forecaster can benefit from. Avercast was designed with this in mind. Martin shares his experience with Avercast: “It’s user friendly and very intuitive... [Also,] I think visibility is a very good tool. It allows us to spend more time doing the value added of analyzing. You aren’t spending all your time trying to put everything together [because] everything is in one place.” With Avercast, one has never had more potential at their fingertips.


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