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“Physician-founded in 1990, Doctor’s Best is a science-based nutritional supplement company, offering more than 200 products, made primarily with branded ingredients that are thoroughly researched, manufactured to the highest quality standards, and rigorously tested every step of the way— from raw materials to finished product. We use only cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities. Doctor’s Best is committed to transparency through education and communication and strives to be crystal clear in what we offer, why and how we offer it.” – DrBVitamins. com, Official Website Doctor’s Best,
headquartered in Irvine, CA, Doctors best designs and formulates top of the line products. With some of their largest customers being online-based companies such as Amazon, and I-Herb, Doctor’s Best relies on superior forecasting software for accurate planning.

Barbara Tapia, Supply Chain Manager, describes what forecasting was like before Avercast: “They had a massive spreadsheet when I first started here. It was something that the prior VP of supply chain put together and it went on and on. When I [first] walked in through the door, they said, ‘you see this? Do you think you could work with this?’ I said ‘well, if you told me how it worked... maybe.’ This thing was so convoluted that there was no way. So, the first day I started, Clark (a representative from Avercast) was here. [...] It’s been great. I can always reach Clark.” Barbara utilizes the forecasting software “more or less as a MRP (Material Requirements Planning). We use that for buying/starting our orders in a timely manner, keeping up with our forecast and the demands. It gives me something to bounce Amazon’s forecasting off of, and I-herbs, [too].”

“I find [Avercast] very easy to use. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s laid out simple enough that it just flows, [...] so there’s no guessing,”

Barbara Tapia

Supply Chain Manager

Avercast continues to offer Barbara the best forecasting solutions, fulfilling Doctor’s Best’s needs in order to compete in the ever-growing industry of nutraceuticals, supplements, and vitamins. When a software is designed to be versatile and function with the user, you get a remarkable tool that is effective, yet easy to use. “I find [Avercast] very easy to use. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s laid out simple enough that it just flows, [...] so there’s no guessing,” says Barbara. “It’s given us the ability to place yearly forecasts with our raw materials suppliers. [It’ll] look at what I’m going to do this year and, based on forecast, it will break that down and supply it back to the manufacturer of the raw materials. It lets us know how much we’re going to be spending. When 

we look at the overall, we take the units all the way through to see what we’re looking at, like what items are going to be our drivers for the year. It’s useful for our suppliers plus our internal accounting.” Barbara Tapia said of her success, “since I’ve been here [using Avercast], I’ve been congratulated many times for having inventory all the time without driving up the on-hand balances.” Among other things, Doctors’ Best has also seen improvement in its inventory turns, where the company was originally turning inventory between three and four times annually it is now “turning inventory every ten weeks (approx. 5.2 turns)” according to Barbara. From an inside view of Doctor’s Best and seeing how they have been able to reap the benefits of superior forecasting, a business may ask itself: “why not us, too?” Get your demo now by contacting us today.


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Seeing is believing. Simply put, we’ll offer any prospective customer a no-obligation test-drive of our system. See for yourself first-hand the difference Avercast software will make for your business. We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement, load a sample set of your data and show you how Avercast can improve forecast accuracy, increase inventory turns, lower overall inventory levels and pay for itself in the process. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test-drive, would you? Why should the purchase of an enterprise level software system be any different?