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Finding the right solution for your financial forecasting needs is simple with a reliable and accurate product. Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) software provides the technology small to large-sized companies need to feel confident about forecasting future product demand. Utilizing over 200 forecasting algorithms, Avercast provides the most extensive business forecasting software worldwide and consistently helps businesses have the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.

Business Forecasting Software Benefits:

  • Analyze up to 60 months of history
  • Develop forecasts up to 60 months into the future
  • Systematically choose "best fit" from 204 forecast methods
  • Forecast and adjust forecasts at any level of hierarchy (i.e. SKU, location, customer, warehouse, planner, sales region, groupings, total business, etc.)
  • View forecast by units, price, cost, weight, volume, pallets, profit, or any other definable unit of measure
  • Push summary forecast adjustments back to detail records
  • Present data graphically
  • Customized reports
  • Calculate and rank ABC codes by cost, price, weight, volume, units, or profit

Financial Forecasting Made Simple

ABF eliminates the bulk work of financial forecasting for business analysts. It examines demand history, then our business forecasting software applies 205 different methodologies to find which method is best fit for predicting the future on an item-by-item or group basis.

The software then automatically selects the “best fit” forecasting method that most accurately predicted historical demand. This creates an environment where the forecast analyst has the ability to manage by exception. Instead of reviewing potentially thousands of forecasts, ABF enables the analyst to review only a few.

A built-in dashboard and Business Intelligence Reporting tool make custom reporting a breeze, and provides your team with real-time results.

Innovative Software for Business Forecasting

Having accurate demand forecasts is a crucial competitive advantage in both manufacturing and distributing. Companies that are able to forecast and plan effectively operate with less inventory than their competitors.

ABF calculates optimum inventory levels while maintaining and improving customer service levels. Surpassing the capabilities of a spreadsheet, ABF is business specific when it comes to forecasting future demand.

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