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Avercast Customer Reviews

"Avercast allows us to update thousands of part numbers with the click of a button instead of individually."

"Avercast has 187 algorithms that can be set up in a variety of ways... It is certainly very easy to use... there is no question I save time and spend a lot less time trying to get information out of the system."

- Jeff Beckman, President - Rampage Products

"This is the perfect solution for the medium-sized business... After using Avercast for six months our inventory was reduced by 23%."

"It is very simple, does what it needs to do and does it effectively."

"We can easily drill down to the item level using Avercast."

- Justin Seef, Procurement Director - S. Bacher & Co.

"Gene and his folks listened and made the software do what we needed it to do... The recommended forecast not only reduced inventory levels, but almost doubled the company's top line"

"So here was software that filled the bill and that we didn't need an entire IT department to install and operate."

"Now our forecasting and demand planning process is streamlined."

- Kunal Bharadwaj, CEO - Continental Foods, Inc.

"When you click between forecasting and replenishment data, it's seamless. You can plan your demand and then it's almost like clicking on an Excel tab - all the data is already populated in real time. With our old software we hit a button and went to get a cup of coffee."

- Chris Rudder, Director of Planning and Supply Chain - The AVC Group

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