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High Tech Industry

The one undeviating truth in the high tech industry is that products are always evolving and changing. The ability to quickly recognize product trends and respond in kind is paramount. Let Avercast help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Short product life cycles often weaken a demand planner's confidence in his ability to execute his or her forecast. Likewise, it's hard for the demand planner to know which of all the SKUs he or she is managing is going to be the next big hit and experience longevity.

Without a dependable, unbiased software that can recognize and report on demand behaviors, it is next to impossible to have any confidence in your numbers.

Avercast's Solution:

For high tech companies that experience product demand instability, we recommend Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) and Avercast Supply Planning (ASP) These two products help companies:

  • Analyze demand history
  • Evaluate multiple forecast formulas
  • Forecast on an item by item or summary basis
  • Allow adjustments at any level
  • Present data graphically
  • Plan in monthly, weekly, or daily time periods
  • Nets requirements from multi-level warehouses
  • Quick identification of action items (i.e. items that need to be ordered now or items projected to be out of stock in the near future)

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