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Database Solutions

Avercast is purely network driven so that all users access the same database, which avoids having to copy and compare up-to-date and out-of-date forecasts. This database must be housed on a physical server whether in house, or in the cloud. Representatives from Avercast can assist in advising the customer about which solution best fits their company goals and budgets.

In House

A business can elect to invest in an in house server or use an existing server to maintain their Avercast database. Avercast representatives can come on site to help the business set up the database when the software is initially purchased. As part of annual maintenance, Avercast representatives can provide ongoing support in maintaining the database. In house IT professionals can also be trained on uploading and maintaining the database.

Cloud Based

Similarly to hosting the database on an in-house server, the cloud-based solution also must be hosted on a server. As part of Avercast's cloud-based solution, server space for the customer is rented from a data storage company. The customer's Avercast software suite then accesses the database via the Internet in order to operate. Avercast representatives will then setup and maintain the customer's database as part of the regular maintenance fee.

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