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Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry spans many traditional lines of business. Whether you are forecasting and planning hard goods with long shelf lives or consumable products with expiration dates, the great forecasting and planning tools, found in the Avercast software, are essential.

Managing product promotions, special events, new product roll outs, and product life cycles can prove to be a challenging task when using a manual process. Avercast takes the guesswork out of your daily routine and replace it with verifiable hard numbers.

Avercast believes that effective CPG forecasting and planning is best conducted through management by exception. Sophisticated programming allows our customers to train our software modules how to recognize both normal and abnormal product demand patterns. Upon recognizing normal demand patterns, Avercast makes recommended purchase orders accordingly. On the contrary, when recognizing abnormal demand patterns, Avercast brings them to your immediate attention for review.

Avercast enables CPG companies to spend less time generating forecasts and purchase orders and spend more time ensuring their proper execution.

Avercast's Solution:

For Consumer Packaged Goods companies that need to optimize inventories, we recommend Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) and Avercast Supply Planning (ASP). These two products help companies:

  • Analyze demand history
  • Evaluate multiple forecast formulas
  • Forecast on an item by item or summary basis
  • Allow adjustments at any level
  • Present data graphically
  • Plan in monthly, weekly, or daily time periods
  • Nets requirements from multi-level warehouses
  • Quick identification of action items (i.e. items that need to be ordered now or items projected to be out of stock in the near future)

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