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Automotive and Service Parts

While outsourcing your company's manufacturing overseas can undeniably lower overhead and increase profitability, the process can certainly take a toll on those responsible for forecasting and planning. With lead times in the Automotive and Service Parts industries now averaging upwards of six months, forecasting has now become the single most crucial process that falls under the operations umbrella. With Avercast, you can stay ahead of the market.

Purchase too much product, and you can cripple your warehouse. Purchase too little and you stand in danger of losing your largest customers to competition. Add in the complexities of time zone differences and communication barriers and you truly have the ingredients necessary for the perfect demand planning storm.

Avercast's Solution:

It's imperative that companies collaborate. Having collaborative software enables quick response times, and helps maintain on-time and in-stock levels.

For Automotive and Service companies that need to forecast, plan, and collaborate with overseas vendors, we recommend Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF), Avercast Supply Planning (ASP), and Avercast Supplier Connection (ASC). These three products help companies:

  • Analyze demand history
  • Evaluate multiple forecast formulas
  • Forecast on an item by item or summary basis
  • Allow adjustments at any level
  • Present data graphically
  • Plan in monthly, weekly, or daily time periods
  • Nets requirements from multi-level warehouses
  • Quick identification of action items (i.e. items that need to be ordered now or items projected to be out of stock in the near future)
  • Displays projected orders out into the future
  • Vendors only see what information pertains to them
  • Enables real-time collaboration with suppliers
  • Reduce vendor lead times
  • Negotiate price breaks
  • Password protected over a secure network
  • Zero deployment for vendors (only an internet browser is required)

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